The Association Acebache was born in Villaviciosa of Asturias in 1999 in order to preserve, promote and show the history of the Asturian Black Jet.

   It is formed by black jet craftsmen, investigators(researchers) and persons who care about preserving this singular and important cultural patrimony.

   Black Jet is a fossil material from vegetable origin that is located in a few places of the planet. The one that appears in the region of Villaviciosa’s Sea-coast (Asturias), from the Jurassic, is considered to be one of the best quality in the world

   Exploited for thousands of years, and due to its relative shortage and the intense and brilliant black color that it gets once polished, it was considered a magic and protective stone, and it was very valued.

   It was part of the popular jewellery in Spain; it was, worked in the shape of shells and images, a symbol of the jacobeas peregrinations  along its history; the amulets most used by all the social classes in Spain were made of black jet and taken to the New World, and it was accepted surprisingly well by the diverse cultures of the American continent.

   A complete historical and cultural patrimony that the Association Acebache wants to preserve and to show the world, and at the same time tries to look for solutions to the problems that we have today concerning the old trade (black jet crafts), such as the current shortage of raw material, the fight against the imitations and falsifications and the creation of a quality brand for the Black Jet elaborated in the Principado de Asturias with Asturian Black Jet.

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